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Simple Plan Foundation

800, Place Victoria, suite 4500 P.B. 391, Montreal, Qc, H4Z 1J2 E-mail :


There is neither a particular form to fill, nor restricting procedure to follow to ask for financial support from the Simple Plan Foundation. Each organization or person is free to explain its objectives and needs in its own way, either by e-mail ( or by letter.

Of course, the members of the committee who study the different requests need to have enough information to be able to evaluate the credibility of your organization and, also, the relevance of your project compared to our foundation’s mission. The committee doesn’t need a long presentation; what matters is to get judicious and precise information about your objectives and activities, showing that your organization shares the same values as the Simple Plan Foundation, and to formulate clearly your request and what you expect.

Except for very rare exceptions, the Simple Plan Foundation makes its donations once a year, in principle. Although the date and place change each year, the event is usually scheduled during Fall and from then on, the list of organizations receiving funding from the Simple Plan Foundation is announced on our Web site. The deadline for receiving requests is May 31.

The members of Simple Plan and the volunteers thank you for your interest in their foundation and look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.