How can you help the foundation?

Many people, of all ages and from all walks of life, are touched by Simple Plan’s social implication and by its foundation’s objectives, and are asking themselves how they could be useful, how they could really help, in concrete terms, the Simple Plan Foundation and contribute to the advancement of the causes it supports.

Make a donation

One of the means, simple, efficient and secure, is to make an online donation to the foundation. The Simple Plan Foundation is now registrated with, the only donation portal in Canada, that receives online donations and gives them back, after treatment, to the Canadian charities that are members. It’s the easiest way for those who have a credit card (Banks convert devices). The others can always send a check (in CAD or USD dollars) or another banking document by mail at 1250, René-Lévesque blvd W, suite 3100, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 4W8.

Of course, it’s not the amount of the donation that is important. All donations, even the smallest ones, are appreciated and… they add up! And you can also be sure that your donation won’t go to administration fees, because ALL the members of the foundation are volunteers.

All the amounts received are distributed to charities that share the same values and objectives as the Simple Plan Foundation. To have a more precise idea of what has been done up to now and to know where the money goes, take a look at the list of the charitable organizations that received a contribution from the foundation last June 2008 (cf. Press conference).

Buy “Save You” and other merchandise or participate in benefit events

The fans are also invited to purchase the song “Save You” on iTunes for only $0.99. All proceeds from each downloaded sale will be distributed to cancer charities around the world, through the Simple Plan Foundation.

The fans will also remember  that Simple Plan has announced its agreement with the Bell Center, where $0.50 of each ticket sold for their September 13th  Montreal show, as well as a portion of tickets sales of the band’s upcoming Canadian, Australian and Mexican tours will go directly to the Foundation. The band hopes to conclude similar agreements with as many producers as possible. Simple Plan has also made arrangements with several venues, especially in Canada, where a percentage of the profits from all merchandise sold at the show will be donated  to the Foundation. So, by going to a show or by purchasing a souvenir, you combine “business” with pleasure.

Participating in benefit events is another pleasant way to help raising money for the foundation: some events are organized by the Simple Plan Foundation itself; some others by organizations witch Simple Plan is collaborating with. In every cases, these events are announced on the Web site of the foundation. If some are quite expensive, others are really affordable. For example, in August 2008, the Simple Plan Foundation has organized a brunch, with an auction and an acoustic performance, for $100 per person. But, on next December 20th, the foundation will participate, at the Quebec Pepsi Colisée, in a friendly hockey game with former professional players, particularly from the “Remparts de Québec”, followed by an acoustic show by Simple Plan, and the admission will only cost $20. All the proceeds will be shared between the Simple Plan Foundation and three other foundations working in Quebec City. Other events are planned for 2009: have a look at our Web site regularly:

Organize an event

There are other means of helping the foundation for those who want to get personally involved or for those (especially the youngest) who cannot afford to make even a small donation. For example, it is possible to organize a benefit event in aid of the Simple Plan Foundation. To succeed, enthusiasm and determination will largely compensate the lack of experience. Last year, a sixteen-year old girl, from Oka’s Secondary School, has put up a music show at her school and has given a check to the amount of $3 600 to the foundation! Other people have organized sport competitions or marathons; some others have set up garage sales or draws in aid of the foundation. All kind of ideas can be good, with a bit of imagination… and work!

Voluntary work

Certain persons wish to be volunteers for the foundation and to give their time for the cause it stands up for. Unfortunately, it is difficult, even impossible, for many of you to work directly for the Simple Plan Foundation, because it is based in Montreal and it isn’t everyone who is living in that region. However, there are some other organizations, all over the world, that share the objectives of the Simple Plan Foundation and that could allow you to get involved in a charity you hold in high esteem. Simple Plan sincerely believes that solidarity should be a world-wide value; as a proof, just take its support to War Child Canada or its occasional participation in international humanitarian aid events.